Banshee is a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 Light Freighter.

Conceived by a panel of CEC shipbuilding experts with help from Narro Sienar, the YT series went on to become one of the most popular space transport hulls ever produced, revolutionizing the interstellar shipping industry with its unparalleled application of modular design. Whole sections could be mass-produced and arranged into new configurations as needed without extensive retooling. This saved CEC enormous amounts of credits by allowing the starships to be brought to market at extremely competitive prices.

The YT-1300 model exemplified this concept with a circular main corridor and modular compartments that could be mounted around it, all radiating outwards from a central core inside a saucer-shaped hull making for both a convenient and economic design.

Banshee was originally owned by a Trandoshan slaver known as Trex. Originally called Krayt Fang, it was acquired (i.e. stolen) by Kelko Gen and his crew when they fled Mos Shuuta following a misunderstanding with Teemo the Hutt. Kelko figured since Trex was presumed dead, the Trandoshan wouldn’t be needing the ship anymore.

Sadly, Banshee was destroyed by the Empire while fleeing Isotech’s Raxus Prime facility.


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